Travel to Jordan: Is it safe to travel at this time and what rights do you have if you have booked travel?

After new attacks by Hamas in southern Israel quickly escalated and led to war, concerns about the safety of travel to Israel and countries in the surrounding region have increased. Jordan, a popular destination for winter tourists, shares northern borders with Israel and Syria, and travelers who have booked trips in advance may question the wisdom of vacationing there. in the context of conflict.

What does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs say? On Tuesday, the Foreign Office (FCDO) strengthened its stance on travel to Jordan by updating its guidance as follows: “The FCDO advises against all but essential travel within en 3 km from Jordan’s border with Syria. » Crossings from Jordan to Israel may also be closed at short notice due to conflict in southern Israel, near the border with Gaza.

The State Department said the situation in Syria was “fragile” and “security threats in the form of instability or terrorist activity could arise with little or no notice”, advising against come to this country. What does the Jordanian government say? “In light of recent developments in Gaza, we want to emphasize that Jordan continues to be a safe and welcoming destination for tourists from around the world,” the Jordan Tourism Board said in a statement. . “Our commitment to ensuring the safety and health of all visitors remains unchanged.

“We want to reassure everyone that Jordan’s borders are open to tourists and we look forward to sharing our exceptional experiences with the world. “We understand that tensions around the world can cause concern, but we believe in the power of travel to promote understanding and build bridges between countries. “As always, the Jordan Tourism Board is ready to assist and assist tourists in making the most of their visit.” Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Al-Safadi emphasized the need to “end the dangerous escalation in and around Gaza” and highlighted Jordan’s ongoing efforts to implement “ “Immediate international action to end the escalation requires protection of civilians.” and respect international humanitarian law.

Al-Safadi said that the need to protect civilians, whose killings “are condemned by international law,” drove Jordan’s efforts to prevent escalation and end the war in Gaza, in order to “ avoid their consequences for the entire region. Will flights to Jordan continue? Correct. Queen Alia International Airport, south of Amman, remains operational, as does King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba, Jordan’s southernmost point.

The main airlines flying from the UK to Jordan are British Airways, easyJet, Tui, Royal Jordanian and Wizz Air from London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London Luton. In 2021, Jordan and Israel reached a historic agreement to open the Jordan-Israel air corridor and allow flights that previously flew over Israel to pass through each country’s airspace, reducing flight times from the West. International aviation group OpsGroup warned: “Lessons learned from civil operations in conflict zones over the past 9 years since MH17 must be applied. The risk of a plane becoming a victim of this war is very high.” Holidaymakers who have booked a package holiday to Jordan’s new ‘no-go’ zone can, following advice from the FCDO, be able to cancel without penalty and receive a full refund, although the tourist attractions The main schedule is also quite far from here.

Outside of the 3km radius between the northern borders of Jordan and Syria, your trip cancellation policy will depend on your holiday provider, so it’s best to contact them if you want to reschedule. Companies are under no obligation to refund you if you wish to cancel and you will not be able to claim on travel insurance for security reasons unless FCDO advice changes.