Information technology and sustainability: building a greener future

Faced with growing environmental concerns, the role of information technology (IT) in promoting sustainable development is becoming increasingly important. As the world strives to build a greener future, IT has become a powerful tool to drive environmental awareness, efficiency and innovation. This article explores the intersection between IT and sustainability, highlighting its potential to address […]


Is it safe to travel to Türkiye right now? Latest travel advice

With a capital spanning two continents, stunning beaches along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts and favorable exchange rates, Turkey is an attractive proposition for travelers all year round. However, given the current fighting situation in Israel and Gaza as well as the possibility of neighboring countries being drawn into conflict in the region, those traveling […]


Travel can become a “Fountain of Youth” for retirees: How to do it right

Many newly retired people look forward to traveling. When their working lives end, their travel bookings begin. With all the excitement surrounding planning a trip, it’s easy to forget what could go wrong. Even the most careful people make mistakes that derail their journey and cause lasting hardship. With the large number of retirees traveling, […]


Travel to Jordan: Is it safe to travel at this time and what rights do you have if you have booked travel?

After new attacks by Hamas in southern Israel quickly escalated and led to war, concerns about the safety of travel to Israel and countries in the surrounding region have increased. Jordan, a popular destination for winter tourists, shares northern borders with Israel and Syria, and travelers who have booked trips in advance may question the […]

Food and Drink

Pearson: Cities must produce more food for the poor

Thanksgiving 2023 could be the most food-insecure fall holiday in decades. About seven million people in ten different provinces and five regions are struggling to feed their families. Even more alarming, nearly two million of them are children. Despite the record numbers, food banks across the country are providing only a quarter of that amount. […]

Food and Drink

WFP provides essential food to the people of Gaza and the West Bank

Food distribution is underway in Gaza and the West Bank to meet soaring demand following a sharp escalation in conflict – leading to the displacement of nearly 264,000 people in Gaza to date. Immediately after the conflict broke out, the World Food Program (WFP) began distributing fresh bread, canned food and prepared meals to about […]

Food and Drink

Boston’s member-owned grocery store, Dorchester Food Co-op, is now open

Employees spent Friday preparing for the opening of a new grocery store in Boston that offers customers the chance to become member-owners and have a say in how the business is managed. The official grand opening of the Dorchester Food Cooperative, located at 195 Bowdoin Street, took place early Saturday afternoon. “In fact, we are […]

Food and Drink

Navaratri: A festival of diverse culinary customs and traditions

The nine-night festival season begins on Sunday, October 15 this year and ends on October 24. These nights and ten days are dedicated to the nine forms (avatars) of goddess Durga and celebrates the victory of good over evil. Although Navratri revolves around a single belief that Goddess Durga kills the demon Mahishasura, it is […]

Food and Drink

Something interesting happens when you add tea and coffee waste to cakes

After making tea or pressing coffee in the morning, you may want to think again before throwing away the leaves and grounds. Recent research shows that you can get more benefits from leftovers. A new study by researchers at King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia has shown that if you add coffee grounds or use […]