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Season Your Food With Madagascar Peppercorns

The island country of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean is one of the world’s prominent producers of high quality. Admired for its sharp aroma and mild hotness, the is widely used by French chefs for spicing up French meat dishes.

Food connoisseurs are aware of the unique flavour of, which has made it one of the most sought after varieties. The popularity of French cuisine around the world, to some extent, is attributed to the dried berries of the Piper nigrum plant that the French procured from their island colony off the southeastern coast of Africa.

Unfortunately, most chefs outside Europe are unaware of the outstanding produced in Madagascar. Boasts of properties that allow it to compete with procured from the other popular producing countries such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam and China. Hence, if you have not yet used this aromatic pepper for seasoning your foods, it is now time to buy a bag of from a gourmet store.

What is Madagascar Peppercorn?

The Madagascar is a brownish gray colored. Produced by drying the unripe berry of the Piper nigrun plant after it is cooked in hot water for some time, the of Madagascar has a unique charred oak barrel like aroma. The brown is less hot than the other popular black varieties. Hence, they are best suited for epicureans who want to enjoy the peppery flavor of foods without making their foods too hot.

Popular Uses of Peppercorn

Madagascar pepper can be added to all types of foods. Due to its unique smoky flavour, the brown is especially appropriate for meat dishes. It is the favourite variety of a large number of French chefs, who are reluctant to use any other varieties for seasoning their meat dishes. Apart from seasoning your meat preparations, Madagascar pepper can be added to soups, salads and almost every dish that requires seasoning with black and white pepper.The brown is less hot than the other popular black varieties.

How to Buy Peppercorn

Few local spice stores sell. These highly prized are available only in selected upscale stores. You can easily find the finest quality from Madagascar in an online gourmet spice store. If you have not tried before, a sampler size Madagascar bag will help to introduce you to the aromatic. However, after enjoying the unique flavor of Madagascar pepper, you cannot resist the temptation of buying the larger 10 to 20 ounce bags.

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